X2:The Threat

download X2:The Threat StarFireSoftwareIndustries CargoRunner&StationSupplier by

CargoRunner: Designed specifically for small loops requiring only one resource, i.e.: Solar Power Plants, Flower Farms, BioGas, etc.

CargoRunner Features:
  • Debits Player Account rather than Station Account when used with stations not Player Owned: No more transferring money constantly to stations that do not make money, but provide resources to other stations.

CargoRunner Requirements: Trade Command Mk I

StationSupplier: Designed especially for medium loops require two resources. i.e.: Crystal Fab, BoFu Chemical Labs, Forges, Factories, etc.

download X2:The Threat ShipBooster by

allows for Boosting (Stealing) Other Ships

download X2:The Threat Sector-Security by

Due to constant attacks by Khaak forces a new special force has been created.
Consisting of either Argon-Boron or Split-Paranid-Teladi ships the Sector-Security (SeS)
can be contacted in every "safe" sector with a Trade Dock.

A "safe" sector is every sector that is controlled by one of the 5 main races, a Trade Dock
is needed because SeS-ships will be started and/or controlled from there (call it the main base).

To contact SeS you must have a Triplex Scanner, because only with this scanner you can transmit
on SeS frequencies.

download X2:The Threat Pirate Satalite Network by

This project is to aid the player into becoming a productive pirate. A new command will add itself to the command menu of the players ship after you "investigate" new Pirate satalites poping up over the universe.
The Pirate scanner needs navagation relay satalites to work. Without them it is quite useless. The more there are in the sector, the bigger the area searched.
Beware! Some Pirate TS's now run a command that will make them look for a ship with valueable wares. If you have a huge fleet of TS's across the universe they may find themselves under attack.

download X2:The Threat Pirate Guild by Serial Kicked

This Plugin for X² give to the Pirates a kind of global A.I.

When the plugin starts, a fixed amount of money is given to the pirates, and a HQ is randomly chosen between the Pirate Bases. This HQ will choose to focuse the attacks on a specific race (the player IS a race) and it will give orders to the other pirates bases. These orders can be :

  • Make money : If funds are low, it will give money to the Guild.

download X2:The Threat MH_Carrier by

Basically, the Carrier Launch Refit (as ATC fancies it) is another flavor of "carrier fast-launch" script. it also packages in some AI that lets you direct the actions of fighters that are part of the carrier's squad (the ships that it has available for launching).

download X2:The Threat MH_Reloc by

scripts that let you command ships to continuously transfer wares between two (player-owned) ships/stations or to collect it/distribute it between (player-owned) factories in a sector and a (player-owned) ship/station. useful mainly for supplying your factories with your own resources over long distances.

download X2:The Threat MH_ECM by

this ship command helps keep the missiles at bay. incoming missiles are "blinded", causing them to do some pretty interesting maneuvers in space. the upgrade doesn't guarantee that all missiles will miss, but for the most part it's pretty good at giving the pilot some breathing room.
note: ECM devices are pretty much wasted on larger ships. stick to equipping them on fighter-, small transport-, or corvette-class vessels.
      • warning: ECM doesn't seem to scale very well.

download X2:The Threat MH_WareRetrieval by Milling Hordesman

scripts that let you remotely retrieve wares from a sector. longer distances require the expenditure of e-cells. great for scavenging enemy sectors and retrieving wares in capital ships. check out the readme for more details.

download X2:The Threat MH_StationCap by

scripts that helps you more easily/efficiently manage or even automate the finances of your factories. check out the readme for more details.

download X2:The Threat MH_AdvJumper by

scripts that let you "freejump" to any location within a sector for a cost of 1.5x the normal e-cell cost.

  • "hyperjump" capability added, allowing you to move about the sector at super-liminous speeds.
  • a pair of ships equipped with Singularity Projectors will allow you to create a semi-permanent Warp Gate between any two sectors.

  • add a Singularity Slope Tension Converter to your ship to freejump, hyperjump, or project warp gates without expending e-cells. check out the readme for more details.

milling_hordesman's script page

X2:The Threat
links to all milling_hordesman's scripts

download X2:The Threat Marks Resupply commands by

Mark's Resupply commands allow a leader to resupply or rearm a wing or convoy all at once. This command can also be used on following cargo ships. It pays for items bought and fixes a bug that caused upgrades to be left unavailable. Also able to load items from player stations and big ships.

download X2:The Threat Marks Wing commands by

Mark's Wing commands set a wing to garrison duty at a station or command a mass missile attack on a target. The Garrison fighter wing will scan for enemies but stay docked at the station until needed. The Assign a Wingman command gives better coordination of wingmen. Also, M5 scout fighters are assigned to missile defense. They only attack missiles aimed at the leader. This is very usefull for capital ships.

download X2:The Threat Marks Patrol Commands by

Mark's patrol commands patrol single sectors or a list of sectors. It is similar to the signed patrol script but also allows small ships to lead a fighter wing. Scans for reports of enemies from player owned ships and stations in the sector. Restores race relations after a fight to avoid wars.

download X2:The Threat KhaakHunter by

Provided your ship has combat software MK2 installed you get an additional command 'Scan for Khaak M3' in your ships' combat menue. This commad will scan every sector known to you for Khaak M3 or Khaak Cluster and will write a corressponding entry in your log.

download X2:The Threat Navigation Software ST1 by

If you use this software for jumping (playership or remote control another ship) neccessary energy cells are automatically loaded into the cargo bay of the ship. The payment for the loaded energy (16 Cr. each cell) is taken from your player account. This Software is available at all EqDocks and Pirate Stations for only 1.572 Cr. You can buy it for every ship which is able to use the jumpdrive.

download X2:The Threat HRS Hull Repair System by

A new innovation for capital craft and other small carriers from the shipwrights at Omicron Lyrae. The Federation need a way to refit and repair there fighters and other craft in deep space without having to turn back to the nearest shipyard.

This system when fitted to capital craft will allow repairs to docked ships. This system comes with software and Robotic Tools. It is compact and can be transported to a capital craft by any ship able to dock. It can also be installed directly at a Shipyard.

download X2:The Threat Factory Loop Delivery Software by

What does FLDS (for short) do?

It allows you to link factories to a 'Hub' factory to create a loop. Ships assigned to a Hub homebase can then deliver any wares produced by any of the factories in the loop to any factory in the loop that needs them. No need to assign ships to every station.

It's been designed to be easy to use. You link stations via the command console of your chosen 'Hub' station. All a ship needs is a homebase when you run the FLDS command.

download X2:The Threat CWS Defense Turrets by

Tired of your Transport ships going defenseless?

Think your traders should have at least a chance to defend themselves, when other race's traders can?

This script will enable the Defensive (only) turret commands for player trade ships that have Trade 1 and Trade 2 upgrade software.

Do not load the Fight 1 or Fight 2 upgrades because they cause player trade ships to commit suicide if attacked.

The turrets might be more accurate with Fight software, but they seem to do ok without it. Maybe because they have a good angle on following ships.

download X2:The Threat Camouflage Device ST1 by

This device don't make your ship invisible. But the result is like this.
No enemy ship will attack a ship with this device installed and activated within a range of 15.000 meters between the enemy and the camouflage ship.

download X2:The Threat Burianek's 2ndry Production Lines by

These scripts add flexibility to the X2 economy model by allowing players to use secondary resources.
There are four types of secondary resource production lines, which can be added to most stations. These are described in detail below.
These secondary production lines are completely independent of the primary production of the station.
They can be thought of as 'a factory within a factory'
The cycle times are different from the primary cycle times, and a factory can be in primary production, secondary production, both, or neither.

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Home to the team who created the Firelancer mod.

download X2:The Threat ASEWS - Adv Sat Early Warning System by

This script causes all of your advanced satellites to scan the sector they are placed in for the presence of khaak ships.
If they are found, a message is sent to the player.

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