Moding the X-Universe


X:Beyond the FrontierX:TensionX2:The ThreatX3:ReunionX3:Terran Conflict
This site is a search engine for the x universe, it searches selected sites so you can easily find anything to do with the x games

XTM Ship review

This website has reviews about the xtm game / ships / starting off help ect

Xtended Mod

The home of the Xtended Mod.

Forums, downloads, faqs...

X-Tec Online

X2:The ThreatX3:Reunion
A German X-Universe portal with forums, downloads, and a knowledge base.

X3 Reunion Interactive Map

An interactive map of the X3-Universe that will show you where to find anything you want.

The site also contains some Mods and Modding resources

The Commander's Space Station

X:Beyond the FrontierX:TensionX2:The Threat
The Original fan site for X-btf, X-Tension and X2. This is just an archive of the site as it was when it officially closed

Plugin Manager

Site for Cycrow's plugin manager programs. Here there are details on how to use the Script Installer/Packager and the Ship Installer/Creator manager programs, as well as links to the downloads and other sites that use these programs.


X2:The ThreatX3:Reunion
A wiki that covers scripting, modding, 3rd party software for X2 and X3

X Development Center

X2:The ThreatX3:Reunion
The aim of this site is to bring together like minded people to aid in the further development of the excellent series of games made by Egosoft

Akeelas Beacon

Fans forum that claims to be The Ultimate X3 Resource - Home of Firelancer

X2:The ThreatX3:Reunion
Home to the team who created the Firelancer mod.

X Source Central

X2:The ThreatX3:Reunion
Community site for X2 and X3. Contains lots of information about the X-Universe and a downloads section for scripts and mods.

Tensin's Ship Rebalance in XSP

New ships to add to X3, in Cycrow's Ship Manager (XSP) format